Vapor deposition materials and the deposition source

Vapor deposition materials and the deposition source

                    Optical in our thin film, display-related deposition, etc., suitable for a variety of applications, and offers a vapor deposition material, the deposition source. Without Japan, making full use of a wide range of network, multi-product, providing high-quality products, such as product development tailored to the customer's specifications, flexible we will correspond.

Vacuum deposition material

Pellet type materials

                 Pellets of various shapes that are easy to handle are prepared, and those suitable for your hearth liner can be selected. We also cover high thermal shock resistant materials that can withstand strong energy such as electron guns.

Granular materials

                It is possible to use vapor deposition to make materials suitable for deposition. In addition, certain degassed products suppress gas emission from vapor deposition materials to a low level, and this adversely affects the strength and durability of thin films.

Others (functional thin film material)

               Evaporation material for producing an organic thin film having water repellency and antifouling property and the like, a special function other than optical properties. For forming a coating film by the vacuum deposition differs from the coating process using a conventional solvent, it is possible to perform the water-repellent-stain processed sequentially from the antireflection film-forming.

Boat for resistance heating vapor deposition

<Product Examples>


   35~195mm (usually 100mm)







Press section



   W, Mo, Ta other

※ In general, the press section is of the flat type, although a V shape is also available.
※ special shape also please contact us.

Resistance heating vapor deposition filament

<Product Examples>

Wire diameter



   Straight type / helical coil type / basket type


   W, Mo, Ta other

※ alumina coating specification also available ※ other order goods also please contact us.

EB vapor deposition for consumable parts

<EB filament>

Wire diameter

   φ0.55, φ0.65, φ0.80



※ other shape, please contact us.

<Haas liner>

Material    Cu, W, Mo, Ta other
※ We see the right figure, shape, please specify, such as size.
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