Cylindrical target cathode

Cylindrical target cathode

                    Advantec is the exclusive agent for Soleras Advance Coatings, a leading manufacturer of rotary hardware and advanced targets. With over 20 years of experience in rotary magnetron technology, Soleras is the only manufacturer in the industry able to provide both hardware and targets to customers in large area coatings such as solar and flat panel display industry.


   Bi · Cd · Cr · Cu · Si · In · Mg · Mn · Mo · Sb · Sn · Te · Zn ·               Al · Nb ·Ag · C · Li · Ta · Zr · Ni · V · Co · Pb · SUS etc


   NbOx · TiOx etc


   ITO · AZO · GZO · TZO · TiOxNb · i-ZnO etc


   NiW · ZnSnSb · CdSn · CdTe · CuGa · Culn · CulnGa · lnSn · NiV ·
   SiAl · SnZn · WTi · ZnAl · ZnGa · ZnSn · ZnTe · NiCr · NiCrFe etc

Reseller · SOLERAS

       About SOLERAS

                  SAC is Sorerasu, Inc. (USA) and Bekaert coating department of (Belgium) has been established and a new comprehensive. Headquartered in Belgium, USA, China, with offices in the world, it will be the cylindrical target and hardware manufacturers. We than 2012 years 4 month 1 date, as the sole distributor of the SAC in South Korea and Japan, will be instrumental in the Association of further support system.

Total workforce

   About 100 people

Amount of sales

   Approximately 10 billion yen

Plant location

   Of the United States of Maine / Belgium Danes / China Jianyin


   ■ cylindrical magnetron handling performance 20 years,        running more than 24 hours 6,000 table every day.
   ■ cathode production volume is more than 800 table
   ■ production number of the cylindrical target more than 260,000 table
   ■ The material is a wide variety
   ■Only SAC can correspond to both of the cylindrical target and hardware.

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