Sputtering target

Sputtering target

             We will provide semiconductor, FPD, optical devices, recording media, the sputtering target of various kinds for the thin film material of the hard coating and energy-related, and the like.

                Making full use of extensive network of domestic and overseas, we will propose the best products to our customers' needs from research and development for the prototype to mass production.

Products List

Handling target list


   Al · C · Cr · Cu · Ge · Co · Au · Hf · In · Fe · Pd · Mg · Mo · Ni · Nb · Pt
   Se · Si (Multi & Mono) · Ag · Ta · Ti · Sn · W · Zn · Zr · V · etc

   Transparent conductive film

   GZO (ZnO: Ga2O3) · IGZO (In: Ga: ZnO)

   (Rest of Targets)
   Carbides (carbide) · Florides (fluoride) · Nitraides (nitride)
   Alloy (alloy) · AgAlloy · AlAlloy · CoAlloy · CrAlloy · NiAlloy · TiAlloy · etc
    •  Material other than the above are also available. Please specify the specification of your choice (material, purity, size, etc.).

    Bonding contract processing and backing plate production and indium ingot sales


    Bonding processing

                    Make the best bonding to various target material. Also we will correspond to re-bonding from the collection of used targets.

    Backing plate production

                    We manufacture various kinds of backing plate by cultivated precision processing technology in the semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment vacuum parts manufacturing. 

    Indium ingot sales

                     Making full use of extensive network of domestic and international, will be sold a high-quality low-cost bonding for indium ingot. In addition also responsible for the recovery and purification.

    Si target


                    We are subject handling of rich silicon material through Si test wafer business and Si recycling business for the semiconductor industry and the solar cell industry.
                    Purity of the single and multi-crystalline silicon material in response to customer requests, resistance value, we offer you is processed into a size and shape.

    GZO, AZO target (for the transparent conductive film)

                    ITO target demand rapidly as the transparent conductive film has been expanding. But indium is the main component is a rare element, the soaring prices and supply anxiety is a problem. For this reason the ZnO-based as the ITO alternative material that is in urgent need development (GZO, AZO) We propose a target.

    Use    Transparent conductive film, TFT-LCD, OLED, thin film solar
    Purity    3N
    Density    5.5g / cm3
    Maximum length    550mm
    The greatest width    300mm
    Maximum thickness    12 or 20 mm

    Cr target

    Use    TFT-LCD, OLED, PDP, color filter, photomask, hard coating
    Purity    3N、3N5、4N、4N5
    Maximum length    2500 mm
    The greatest width    1500 mm
    Maximum thickness    50 mm
    Accuracy    0.5 mm
    Surface roughness    Grinded Ra 1.6 um

    AI target


        Solar cells, organic EL · semiconductors and recording 


    Purity     Can correspond up to 5N5
    •  U, there is also the handling of controlled material to Th amount of impurities <1ppb.

    Ti target

    Use     Semiconductor and optical glass-hard film other
    Purity     Can correspond up to 5N5

    For processing of the sputtering target

    Target sintered flow

    Processing base

                       The company processes various targets and backing plates with thorough quality control at the Nagano trial center and Suzhou plant (China), which is the processing base of the targets and backing plates.


                      We OAO POLEMA (head office: Russia, following, POLEMA) it will be the distributor in Japan of.

    About POLEMA

                      POLEMA Russia headquartered, US, Germany, South Korea and Taiwan, etc., it will be the world's largest chromium manufacturer with offices around the world. Various powder metallurgy in for thin-film technology and high-tech industry, sputtering target, manufactures and sells a crucible or the like.

    Total workforce

       900 people (the end of the year 2008)


       7,000,000 US dollars (about 700 million yen)

    Amount of sales

       100 million US dollars (about10 billion yen/ 2008 the end of the year)

    Products type

       Over 500 types

    Plant location

       Russia TULA district


       Russian National Science academic mechanism and research mechanism members

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